PM: Croatia is not considering recognition of Palestine for time being

ZAGREB, 22 May (Hina) – Croatia is currently not considering the recognition of Palestine, Prime Minister Andrej Plenković said on Wednesday after three European countries — Spain, Ireland and Norway — announced such a move.

In coordinated announcements, Spain, Norway and Ireland unveiled plans to officially recognize a Palestinian state on 28 May.

This prompted Israel to withdraw its ambassadors from Madrid, Oslo and Dublin.

These three countries will join Sweden that recognized Palestine as a sovereign state on 30 October 2014.

When they were part of the Soviet block, Czechia, Hungary, Poland, Bulgaria and Romania recognized Palestine in 1988.

Cyprus recognized the State of Palestine immediately after its declaration in 1988.

Asked by the press on Wednesday whether Croatia is mulling the recognition of Palestine, Plenković answered in the negative.

“Our firm position is based on a two-state solution provided that both sides reach agreement on the issue,” said the Croatian premier.

Some other EU member-states that seem inclined to recognize Palestine are Malta and Slovenia.

Australia, too, is considering this possibility.

Palestine is currently recognized by 143 out of the United Nation’s 193 member-states.