NATO F18, Eurofighter and F16 aircraft at ‘Boboc Air Show-BOBAS 2024’

The air show “Boboc Air Show-BOBAS 2024”, an event during which tactical exercises with F18, Eurofighter or F16 type aircraft and demonstrations of the Special Operations Forces will take place on Saturday, at the Aurel Vlaicu Training and Training Air Base of the Aeronautical Staff from eastern Buzau county.

Thus, starting at 09:00, on the stretch of Unirii boulevard, between the intersection of Frasinet Street and the Maracineni Bridge, the Buzau City Hall will inaugurate the Aviator Gallery, a collection of outdoor photographs set up in memory of the paratroopers and aviators from Buzau. Later, at around 11:00 a.m., on the occasion of the Open Doors Day, an aviation rally will take place at the Aurel Vlaicu Air Force Training and Training Air Base in Boboc.

“On June 15, starting at 11:00 a.m., the Aurel Vlaicu Aeronautical Personnel Training and Training Base organizes the Open Doors Day and the “Boboc Air Show-BOBAS 2024″ air rally, a Buzau event that has become a national brand in the world. During the demonstrations, there will be aircraft from the Romanian Air Force, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Naval Forces and NATO partners, in solo/formation evolutions, a tactical exercise with the intervention of the Special Operations Forces, a static exhibition of equipment from the structure of the national defense system, educational stands of military educational institutions,” informs the Aurel Vlaicu Aeronautical Personnel Training and Training Air Base.

At the start of the air show, for the first time, a cross-country competition will take place within the premises of the military unit, with the participants having the opportunity to run in various areas where aircraft hangars, airstrips or a shooting range can be seen.

“In the opening, the first edition of the Boboc Air Base Run will take place – a running event for amateurs, organized on a 13-kilometer route, inside the Aurel Vlaicu Air Force Training and Training Base. Public entry is free, and the access will be organized starting at 08:00,” says the quoted source.