PM Ciolacu and Bavarian counterpart Soder exchange jerseys of Romanian and German national football teams

Prime minister Marcel Ciolacu and the head of the Bavarian government, Markus Soder, have conveyed to each other messages of success for the Romanian and German national teams at the European Football Championship EURO 2024, symbolically exchanging a jersey of each team.

“Good luck to the German national team in tomorrow’s match. See you in the final!” Marcel Ciolacu said in a post on his Facebook page, at the end of the joint meeting of the two governments, Romanian and Bavarian, and of the bilateral meeting with Markus Soder, in Munich.

Among the photos illustrating the post there is a picture of Marcel Ciolacu holding a German national football team jersey and Markus Soder that of a Romanian national football team.

During the press statements after the meetings at the Bavarian State Chancellery, Markus Soder also conveyed a message to the Romanian prime minister: “I wish you a lot of success at the European Championship; but if you play against Germany know that I do not wish you success any more”.