Mattarella visits Moldova, sounds Russia disinformation alarm

Italian President Sergio Mattarella met his Moldovan counterpart Maia Sandu in Chisinau on Tuesday and talked about the war of aggression Russia has waged across the border in Ukraine and the threat Moscow also poses via disinformation.

“A few hundred kilometres from here the brutal war of aggression unleashed by the Russian Federation rages on,” Mattarella said after meeting Sandu.

“The recent G7 Summit hosted by Italy confirmed that our willingness to assist Ukraine will not relent and will continue as long as necessary.

“With President Sandu we also talked about the importance of preserving our liberal democracies, especially in the current international context.

“Freedom and democracy are never guaranteed, they must be defended and consolidated.

“The Russian disinformation campaign is insistent throughout Europe and must be addressed in the EU and NATO”.

Mattarella also talked of a “a widespread storm of fake news,” saying it was an “unacceptable form of hostility”and calling for international rues to combat the phenomenon.

Sandu said Moldova’s two main problems are corruption, arguing reform of the judiciary was needed to combat this, and Russia’s aggression.

“We do not want to live in a country where children are put in prison for criticising the government,” she said.
“We want to live in freedom in Europe and we are ready to make every effort to achieve that”.