Plenković on migration: This is not matter of one country

ZAGREB, 5 April (Hina) – Prime Minister and HDZ party leader Andrej Plenković spoke about the problem of illegal migration and underscored it was key to stop it at the border between Greece and Turkey and Bulgaria and Turkey.

“This is not a matter of one country, but it must be a coordinated effort of the entire European Union,” he said.

Plenković underscored his government’s investments in police and technology, especially for border protection.

As for bringing the army to the border, there is no need for that at the moment, he said. “It cannot be ruled out as an option if there is a mega crisis, but such a situation does not currently exist. We have shown that the police can guard the Croatian border,” he said.

Plenković made the statement during a presentation of the HDZ’s program for war veterans.

I am sure that we will continue our joint policy for the betterment of Croatia, which is based on a crucial, unique and unrepeatable victory in the Homeland War and defense against the Great Serbian Milošević regime, Plenković said.

Plenković recalled the government’s activities aimed at improving the position of war veterans and strengthening the capabilities of the Croatian Army, including the acquisition of 12 Rafale fighter jets and the same number of Black Hawk helicopters.

In an emotional speech, the lead candidate on the HDZ slate in Constituency 7, Tomo Medved, announced that the Rafale fighter jets would fly over the Croatian sky on 1 May as part of the celebration of the military and police operation Flash.