Peleshi: First Infantry Battalion tests capacities in “Mnela-23” military exercise

Defense Minister Niko Peleshi positively assessed today the high-level of preparation of the troops of the First Infantry Battalion in the “Mnela-23” military exercise.

He stated that they have shown excellent performance in all phases of training, including troop deployment and response to various situations on the battlefield.

Today, Peleshi shared photos from the “Mnela-23” military exercise in the social media.

“The first infantry battalion tested operational capacities in the military exercise “Mnela-23″. The troops of the Vau i Dejës battalion demonstrated a high level of preparation from the deployment phase to the situations in the battlefield,” wrote Peleshi.

The “Mnela-23” exercise is an important component of military preparation, providing a platform to assess and advance troops’ capabilities in many aspects of military operations.

In this case, the troops of the 1st Infantry Battalion have shown that they are ready and able to face the tasks and challenges that appear while participating in military operations./