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Albania-Italy, intensification of cooperation against illegal activities

TIRANA, May 8/ATA/ The State Police, the Italian Police and the Financial Guard (Guardia di Finanza) confirmed their joint commitment in fight against illegal activities affecting Albania and Italy.

During the coordination meeting held in Tirana, it was agreed that this commitment will be intensified, through numerous programs of support and assistance to the State Police.

Deputy Director General of the State Police Sokol Bizhga received the delegation headed by Director of the Service for International Cooperation of the Italian Police, Brigadier General Giampiero Ianni, Head of Department III of the Operations of the General Command of the GdF, Brigadier General Luigi Vinciguerra and Head of the Operations Center of the General Command of the GdF, Brigadier General Vincenzo Caci.

On his part, Bizhga positively assessed the continuous and intensive cooperation with the Italian Police and thanked the “Guardia di Finanza” for the professional commitment to provide assistance to the State Police of Albania.

“The State Police is fully engaged to attack every form of criminality that affects our two countries and the cooperation with the Italian Police, which has been confirmed for years, increases our striking power and efficiency”, said Bizhga./