Parliament Speaker: European elections in Croatia most likely on 9 June

The European elections in Croatia should be held on Sunday, 9 June, the SpeakerВ of the Croatian Parliament, Gordan Jandrokovic, said on Thursday in Ljubljana.

“The decision of the European bodies is that the elections will be held between 6 and 9 June. Since the Croatian law says, and it has been our long-standing practice, that elections are held on a Sunday, I expect that the elections will be called for 9 June,” he replied to the press.

“However, the president decides on that because he is formally the one who calls the elections,” Jandrokovic said at the end of his two-day official visit to Slovenia.

2024 is a ‘super-election’ year for Croatia, because in addition to European elections, parliamentary and presidential elections are also being held.

Since the date of the parliamentary elections is not yet known, it is not known whether they will be held on the same date as the European elections.