Parliament finishes discussion on deploying VCG members to UN and NATO missions

Podgorica, (MINA) – Members of the Montenegrin Parliament completed the discussion on the deployment of the Montenegrin Armed Forces (VCG) troops to the UN Mission in Cyprus and their participation in the NATO naval operation Sea Guardian.

The Parliament will decide on those proposals later.

Minister of Defense Dragan Krapovic reiterated that on 1 February, the Defense and Security Council accepted the proposal to deploy up to three VCG members to the UN Mission in Cyprus.

He added that this mission is an opportunity for the VCG members to participate in the activities in a multinational environment, under realistic conditions.

Speaking about the Sea Guardian operation, Krapovic noted that the Council decided on 20 July last year to put forward a proposal to deploy the VCG members to this operation.

He added that it is planned to deploy up to four VCG members of the VCG.