O’Brien: BiH risks to miss the next train to Europe due to self-interest of its political leaders

SARAJEVO, February 2 (FENA) – The US Assistant Secretary of State James O’Brien said today in Sarajevo that BiH risks missing the next train to Europe due to the self-interest of its political leaders.

In his lecture at the Faculty of Political Science in Sarajevo, he pointed out that his country supports the integration of Bosnia and Herzegovina into Euro-Atlantic institutions, however, the enlargement process will take time.

O’Brien said the US will respond to anti-Dayton and unconstitutional actions and will not allow malign actors to tear the state apart.

He pointed out that the state government must serve as a support for BiH in implementing the obligations necessary to implement the Growth Plan for the Western Balkans and the EU accession process.

O’Brien stated that the Constitutional Court is the supreme institution that makes final decisions on all legal issues related to the Constitution and that compliance with those judgments is part of life in a democratic state that respects the rule of law.

He underlined that those who claim that the UN Security Council must appoint a high representative are wrong and that the US will support him if and when he uses the Bonn powers.

“The United States is dedicated to Bosnia and Herzegovina. The local leaders need to reach a compromise, reject corruption and end ethno-nationalism. They should work for the benefit of the citizens of this country. None of this is easy or can be done quickly, but I truly believe that BiH can offer all its citizens a better, safer and more prosperous life,” concluded O’Brien.