Nimanbegu: We are ready to cooperate with all entities that accept our principles

Podgorica, (MINA) – The Albanian Alliance (AA) is ready to cooperate with all political subjects that are ready to accept its principles, said ticket leader of this coalition Genci Nimanbegu.

Nimanbegu, who previously announced that they would amend the Europe Now Movement’s principles for the formation of the government, told RTCG that PES still hadn’t answer them.

He said that the attempts to align the principles were still in the first phase.

Asked which parties they saw in the future government, Nimanbegu responded that it was not up to them to define their positions and make enemies on the political scene.

“Our principles are clear. If these principles are respected, we can cooperate with all political factors. Some political subjects will have a bitter pill to take to cooperate with us, after everything they have been saying for years and decades”, said Nimanbegu.

Asked when the 44th government could be formed, he said that legal deadlines were clear.

“The Parliament has a constitutive session on 27 July and it is unrealistic to expect that it could happen in the next 15 days. We can expect to have a new government during August. I hope that by the end of August or in early September we will have a government”, said Nimanbegu.