Montenegro is strengthening its cooperation with Turkey

Minister of Agriculture Vladimir Jokovic and Turkish Ambassador Baris Kalkavan have agreed that the cooperation between Montenegro and Turkey is growing stronger.

According to them, the two countries will focus on finding ways to further improve their cooperation in the fields of agriculture, forestry, fisheries, and wood processing.

The two officials concluded at today’s meeting that Montenegro had a great potential in those sectors and agreed to establish a working group that would provide a platform for the future projects and initiatives, and investments from Turkey’s private sector in particular.

“The organization of an event in Montenegro has been announced with the aim of enhancing economic cooperation, networking, and promoting ongoing and future projects,” stated the press release, adding that it would be additional opportunities for training and enhancing administrative capacities as well.

Jokovic reiterated readiness for further strengthening of cooperation and even tighter bonds between the two countries through more intensified dialogue in numerous areas, especially on the economic front.