Nights in commercial accommodation in 2023 rise to 92.4m

ZAGREB, 1 March (Hina) – In 2023, there were 438,000 rooms, apartments and camping sites for tourists in commercial accommodation, with 1.2 million permanent beds, and tourists generated 92.4 million nights, up 2.6% on the year, per the Croatian Bureau of Statistics.

In 2023, commercial accommodation saw a rise also in arrivals, by 9.7% to 19.5 million.

In terms of nights, commercial accommodation in 2023 surpassed the numbers recorded in 2019 by 1.2%, but arrivals were down 0.4% from that record-breaking year.

Foreign tourists accounted for 86.5% of arrivals and 91.2% of nights in commercial accommodation, with arrivals up by 10% and nights by 2.4% on 2022. Domestic tourists realized 7.6% more arrivals and 4.7% more nights.

The most numerous tourists in commercial accommodation were Germans, but with 2.3% fewer arrivals and 5.2% fewer nights than in 2022, followed in terms of nights by Slovenian, Austrian, Polish, Czech, Italian and UK tourists, all of whom realized more nights year on year.

Asian tourists realized 1.1 million nights in 2023, a jump of 81.2%, mostly from South Korea and, for the first time since the pandemic, from China.

Istria County accounted for the largest turnover in commercial accommodation last year, with 25% of all arrivals and 30.4% of all nights, followed by Split-Dalmatia and Primorje-Gorski Kotar counties.

Nearly 50% of nights in 2023 was realized in the group Holiday and other short-stay accommodation, 46 million, up 0.9% on 2022 but down 0.3% on 2019.

In that group, tourists had 268,000В rooms and apartments at their disposal, which was 61% of the total number, with 712,000В permanent beds, or 61.9% of the total number.

In the group Hotels and similar accommodation, tourists had 82,000 rooms and apartments at their disposal, which was 18.8% of the total number, with 173,000В permanent beds, or 15% of the total number.

A total of 21.6 million nights was realised in the group Camping sites and camping grounds, up 13% on 2019 and 1.1% on 2022.