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Newly formed Vetrilo band releases ‘Black Sun’

As part of a new music collaboration titled Vetrilo, Verica Andreevska and Dejan Spasovikj have released “Black Sun,” with music written to accompany the English translation of Macedonian poet Aco Shopov’s poem “Crno Sonce”.

According to Andreevska in a press release, the song was recorded in honor of Shopov’s birth centenary. The music was written by Andreevska and Spasovikj. Other musicians on the project include Kiril Babamov, Verica Nedeska and Krume Stefanovski.

The video for the song was directed by Spasovic, filmed by Tomislav Georgiev and Dragica Nikolovska, and edited by Nebojsa Ilijevski.

“Black Sun” is the first release from the upcoming debut album by Vetrilo, which will include music inspired by Macedonian contemporary poetry.