Memory of Acca Larentia betrayed – Piantedosi

The Fascist salutes made by participants commemorating the 46th anniversary on Sunday of the Acca Larentia massacre in which three far-right youth militants died betrayed the memory of such a serious tragedy, Interior Minister Matteo Piantedosi said on Wednedsay.

The spirit of the commemoration of such serious tragedies as Acca Larentia, which caused the cowardly murder of young people and still remains without justice, is betrayed by the re-proposal of gestures and symbols that represent an era condemned by history,” said Piantedosi during question time in the Lower House.

The minister recalled that “the police headquarters have sent an initial crime report to the competent judicial authority, alleging the crime of apology of fascism against five members of CasaPound, identified among the participants” in the commemoration outside the former headquarters of the neoFascist Italian Social Movement (MSI) in Via Acca Larentia.

CasaPound is an extraparliamentary Neofascist group based in Rome.

This report, added Piantedosi, “will be followed by further communications upon the conclusion of the recognition and identification of other participants in the demonstration”.

Earlier sources said over 100 people had been identified in relation to the Fascist salutes made at the Acca Larentia commemoration on Sunday.