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Alphabet Day, an official public holiday

The government approved today an amendment to the law “On national holidays and commemorative days”, where it proposes the addition of the Alphabet Day as an official public holiday.

During a briefing after the government meeting, Minister for Europe and Foreign Affairs Igli Hasani said that this is a day that carries a special symbolism.

“November 22 represents the greatest unifying moment of the Albanians who are spread in almost all the countries of the Balkans and are represented in all monotheistic religions. But, what really united them and keeps them united is the language and the fact that in the Congress of Manastir they chose to write and identify themselves with this beautiful and holy language in the Latin alphabet”, said Hasani.

The minister said further that this initiative is based on the discussions that followed up the Diaspora Summit.

“The Prime Minister of Albania announced it in the presence of all representatives of the Albanian Diaspora, but also taking into account the fact that this year, 2024, is an important year for all Albanians in the region. Albania hopes to have a clearer and faster path in the process of integration into the European Union, but even the Albanians of North Macedonia, Kosovo, Presheva or Montenegro are in important representative and integration processes”, Hasani said.

He also said that the Ministry of Education has also prepared a very important calendar of events for the year 2024 related to the Albanian language.

“We will continue to have maximum commitment and investment to make Albanian patriotism and the Albanians deed well-represented and evident wherever we are”, Hasani added.