National History Museum, 141% more visitors than last July

National History Museum, 141% more visitors than last July
TIRANA, Aug 8 /ATA/ The National History Museum in Tirana, regarded as one of the most visited cultural and historical attractions in the capital during July, has recorded a high number of visitors.

“In the month of July, the museum was visited by 13,546 visitors in total, or 141% more visitors compared to the month of July of 2022, which had 5,614 visitors in total,” the National Historical Museum sources said.

Local and foreign visitors are eager to learn more about the history of Albania from ancient times to the present day, explained through the artifacts and objects exhibited in the pavilions of the National Historical Museum.

The museum houses about 4750 artefacts, which belong to a long period of time stretching from the 4th millennium BC up to the second half of the 20th century.

The museum exhibits its treasures in eight pavilions. The Antiquities Pavilion is one of the richest in the National History Museum, with nearly 400 different objects.

In the museum stands there are objects belonging to the Bronze Age (2100-1200 BC), as well as objects from the Iron Age (1200-450 BC), periods that outline the characteristics of the Illyrians.