Krifca: 33 462 farmers receive tax-free oil card

TIRANA, August 3/ATA/ Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development Frida Krifca said today that the Agency for Agriculture and Rural Development continues to support farmers with tax-free oil, for carrying out mechanized works in agriculture, from the National Scheme 2023.
“While there is recorded an increase in agricultural exports, as of July 31, 33,462 farmers have been provided with oil cards for carrying out mechanized work in agriculture, a process that continues in parallel with their supply of tax-free oil from the National Scheme of Support 2023” said Krifca.
Through this measure, farmers benefit from a reduction in the costs of works, influencing the increase in production. They get an average of 70-100 liters of tax-free oil per hectare of planted land, depending on the crops.
According to her, the government has been implementing the tax-free oil support scheme for agriculture for three years, easing farmers’ budgets in agricultural work.
The budget addressed to this scheme has increased, as the interest of farmers to benefit from this measure has also increased.
According to data from the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, compared to 2021, this year the number of applicants for the tax-free oil scheme for agriculture is more than double what it was last year. This shows that farmers have more confidence in the National Support Scheme.
Krifca stated that she feels privileged for this increased confidence of farmers and the rural community, as according to her, their interest in Agency for Agriculture and Rural Development has increased.
“We have the responsibility to respond with professionalism, correctness and maximum speed to implement all the procedures and deliver the funds to the farmers as soon as possible”, Krifca emphasized.
This scheme continues to be successfully implemented and today there is a very big need, seeing the increase in the price of oil in the market. The tax-free oil scheme for the farmer eases production costs as it aims to support local agricultural production. Experts rate the oil scheme as the biggest support ever given to farmers through a national scheme.
Krifca said that the interest of farmers to benefit from the National Scheme is very high and this is thanks to the financial support for this sector, which has been available to them every year. /p.s./