Moneterra – HNB’s money museum officially opened

Moneterra, the Money Museum of the Croatian National Bank, was officially opened on Tuesday evening.

Interested citizens will be able to visit the museum starting tomorrow. The museum provides information on money, banking, personal finance, monetary policy, and the roles and tasks of central banks.

The opening ceremony was attended by over 200 guests from political, economic, and social spheres. The museum was officially inaugurated by the governor of the Croatian National Bank (HNB), Boris Vujčić. He emphasized that Moneterra was established to fully open the HNB to the general public, better satisfy the interest in knowledge about money and finance, and support the growing need for financial literacy in the modern age.

Vujčić noted that the HNB is joining many central banks worldwide that have money museums or visitor and information centres. He mentioned that in the euro area, all national central banks, as well as the European Central Bank, communicate with the public in this manner.

The museum has received an investment of 3.7 million euros and covers just over 900 square meters in a building on European Square, with approximately 600 square meters currently in use. In the near future, a multimedia hall and a section discussing the future of money will also be opened.