Bećirović: An encouraging and stronger than ever message from NATO to Bosnia and Herzegovina

SARAJEVO, February 1 (FENA) – Representatives of the North Atlantic Council, the main NATO body with effective political authority and decision-making power, today in Sarajevo unequivocally said that they condemn any call for the secession of Bosnia and Herzegovina, endangering its sovereignty and territorial integrity, Denis Bećirović, a member of the Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina, told journalists in Sarajevo after the meeting of the BiH Presidency with representatives of this NATO body.

Having in mind that this was probably the most important meeting in 2024 so far, Bećirović emphasizes that he is very encouraged because the Deputy Secretary General of NATO and the ambassadors of the member countries undoubtedly said that they firmly stand behind Bosnia and Herzegovina, its independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity.

Bećirović pointed out to the guests the strategic goals of the state of Bosnia and Herzegovina – full membership in NATO and the European Union.

“Bosnia and Herzegovina is not neutral, it is committed,” he also told journalists after the meeting, referring to the decisions of state authorities and stressing that the legal framework of the state of Bosnia and Herzegovina is clear.

State authorities, he added, have adopted all necessary legal, strategic and conceptual documents in the field of defense and security.

“In this way, the state has accepted the criteria, and by participating in the MAP, it is working on their fulfillment. In November 2022, we submitted the Reform Program for 2020 and 2021 and 2021 and 2022. For these and many other reasons, today I invited representatives of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization to help Bosnia and Herzegovina move rapidly towards full membership in NATO.

After today’s meeting with the representatives of the North Atlantic Council, all good people in Bosnia and Herzegovina can be encouraged because NATO sent a very clear and precise message that the peace and stability of Bosnia and Herzegovina is in NATO’s interest because BiH belongs to EU and NATO,” concluded Bećirović and thanked all the ambassadors for a stronger than ever support they provide to Bosnia and Herzegovina.

“We want to further strengthen this cooperation in the coming period and it is very important that we implement the obligations of Bosnia and Herzegovina, it is very important that all politicians return to the rule of law and not stay only in the political sphere. And in this sense, I expect for the next period, and that was said today, even more intense cooperation between Bosnia and Herzegovina and the NATO alliance. Their statement today that NATO security is connected with the security of Bosnia and Herzegovina speaks volumes,” concluded a member of the BiH Presidency, Denis Bećirović.