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Momi art group presents ‘Mothering’ exhibition

A group exhibition titled ‘Mothering’ by the Momi art group will open at the Cultural and Information Center.

“Experiencing the power of mothering and creating with a mothering feeling is a powerful driving force we can recognize in literally all of the living world. Creation itself is a mothering principle,” art group members said in a press release explaining their choice of the title ‘Mothering’ vs. ‘Motherhood’.

The art group has seven members, who all worked together on the topic “following the development of each work through mutual communication online, as well as at our live meetings,” they said.

Momi is an art group that was formed in 2012 by Ana Ivanovska, Kristina Hadzhieva, Zorica Zafirovska, Maja Kirovska, Marija Sotirovska, Tatjana Ristovska and Hristina Zafirovska.

Before founding the group, they collaborated on numerous projects and were the founding members of the art collective Art I.N.S.T.I.T.U.T. in 2009.