Theatre performance “Lilith” to open at Jadro

The first phase of theatrical research “Notebook of Silence.” titled “Lilith” is set to premier at Jadro Cultural Center on Monday. The project is a collaboration between actor Jasmina Bilalovikj, composer Alessandro Olla from Italy and Spain and playwright Jelena Vuksanovic from Serbia.

Actress Jasmina Bilalovikj based her research on her many years of training with Richard Niechim, based on sounding- a nautical term used to explore the depths of images in language and the human body, in motion and at rest; more specifically, sounding means to sound the depths of the images in the energy centers of the human body, and explore the archetypal depths of the mysterious subconscious.

The dramatic text is used in a minimalist way, where the character of Lilith is used as an archetype of a female figure rejected by society for rejecting and questioning traditional and conservative values.

“She is trapped in an eternal space, while remaining true to her endlessly rebellious nature, but at times burdened by the judgments of the world. We are observers and witnesses to the different phases that lead to her acceptance of herself in in its entirety, without silencing or modeling herself to what is expected of her. In the end, she accepts what she is, and with that she accepts herself and is finally able to leave behind her old, assigned role, free from the burden of shame and guilt,” said the organizers of the event, Cultural Center for Artists Media Artes,

The project is financed by the Ministry of Culture and Embassy of Switzerland.