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MKC hosts ‘Radical Cheerleading’ performance

Skopje, 21 May 2024 (MIA) – “Radical Cheerleading,” the second performance within the Performance Platform Festival directed by Zufit Simon, is to take place Tuesday evening at the MKC Youth Cultural Centre.

“Bodily resistance and choreographed protests in public spaces have become effective and powerful means of peaceful demonstrations in capitalist democracies. Developed by queer feminist activists in the 1990s, so-called “radical cheerleading” combines non-violent, direct action with theatrical elements. Cheerleading is well known in the form of organized cheering groupies at sporting competitions. The makers of this performance use and subvert the codes of cheerleading to convey their own messages. Glamour, glitter and a mix of various slogans are the com-ponents of this joyful, satirical alternative to militant forms of protest,” the organizers say.

As they note, with vehemence, precision and humour, the heterogeneous ensemble led by choreographer Zufit Simon, who also appears on stage, poses the question of what is worth taking to the streets for.

The performance is aimed at a 16+ audience.