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Saranda Fish Festival to mark opening of tourist season

TIRANA, May 21 /ATA/ – The southern Albanian coastal town of Saranda is giving final touches to preparations for a major festival that will definitely attract the attention of both local residents and visitors.

With the motto “Celebrate Development, Dive into tradition,” the coastal town will soon host the Saranda Fish Festival, which, as Mayor Oltion Çaçi says, will not be just a feast, but also the destination ahead of the upcoming tourist season and an unforgettable experience.

Saranda Fish Festival is scheduled to kick off on May 28th along Saranda promenade, an event aimed at highlighting Saranda’s maritime culture and promoting the destination by marking the opening of the tourist season.

Renowned artists, including Jericho, a rock music band from Kosovo, and Saz’iso, Saz’iso, a unique musical group that brings the traditional sounds of Albania to the forefront of the global music scene.

A range of activities are scheduled to take place in the five-day event, including shows for kids, painting, movie screening etc. The event is also an opportunity to promote local businesses.

Activities will include cooking traditional fish recipes, providing education and information about sustainable fishing practices, hosting concerts, and showcasing artistic performances.

Saranda, known for its beautiful pure waters, is one of the most popular destinations in the Albanian Riviera, attracting an increasing number of foreign tourists.

Known as the gem of Albanian Riviera, the southernmost Albanian district of Saranda is a top destination during summer, offering tourists a combination of rocky and sandy beaches as well as cultural heritage attractions such as the Butrint UNESCO World Heritage site and the Blue Eye spring.