Minister of Justice says Cyprus supports Register of Damage in Ukraine

Minister of Justice and Public Order, Anna Koukkides-Prokopiou, has said that Cyprus supports the establishment of a Register of Damage caused by the Russian aggression in Ukraine, given that the Republic of Cyprus itself has been a victim of invasion and occupation.
She made these remarks on Monday during the informal Council of Europe Ministers of Justice meeting in Riga, Latvia the current presiding country of the organisation.
An official announcement states that during the discussions, participants welcomed efforts to establish a special tribunal to examine the crimes committed by Russia in Ukraine. It was emphasised that holding Russia accountable for its attack on Ukraine is a prerequisite for the future construction of justice and stability in the country.
Furthermore, the operation of the Register of Damage, along with the collection of evidence in this direction, will play a significant role in the necessary transition towards a sustainable and just peace, ensuring compensation for the victims through the establishment of a competent committee in the future.
The Council of Europe website notes the Register of Damage for Ukraine should have a victim-centred approach to provide remedies in particular for the most vulnerable, such as women and children. They also stress the importance of providing assistance to national authorities to facilitate the coordination of domestic efforts to support the Register’s operation and of meaningfully consulting civil society and non-governmental organisations, including human rights defenders, as well as victims and victim rights organisations.
The Cypriot Minister said Cyprus cannot but support the establishment of a Register of Damage for Ukraine due to the Russian invasion since the Republic of Cyprus itself was a victim of invasion and occupation, leading to significant material damage but also loss of human lives, the press release said.
On the sidelines of the meeting, the Minister held discussions with her counterparts from Georgia, Romania, and Italy, exchanging common concerns and experiences in the areas of judicial reform, digital transition, and the integration of Artificial Intelligence into the delivery of justice. They also discussed matters related to correctional policies and rehabilitation for young offenders, drug-related issues, and the societal implications as well as the fight against organized crime.
It was agreed to maintain close contacts for knowledge sharing and best practices. The Minister returns to Cyprus on Tuesday.