Education of judges and prosecutors: Strong commitment to the fight against corruption

NEUM, September 12 (FENA) – The FBiH Agency for the Management of Confiscated Assets organized a two-day training session for judges and prosecutors in Neum on the topic “Challenges in the application of the Law on Confiscation of Illegally Acquired Assets in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina”.
According to the acting director of the agency, Emir Bašić, this type of training, attended by a large number of judges and prosecutors, has long since become an established practice of the Agency for the Management of Confiscated Assets.
“The news is that we have recently been trying to orientate ourselves according to the demands of the Prime Minister and the FBiH Government to direct our resources as much as possible to the fight against corruption, that is, to strengthen judicial institutions that exclusively deal with the most serious forms of criminal acts of corruption. We do exactly that through our programs and what we are obliged by law to do,” he said.
Director Bašić notes that the goal is in the best possible way to provide judges and prosecutors with an additional motive to conduct financial investigations as much as possible and to move in that direction, and in order to achieve as many confiscated assets as possible, i.e. as many proposals for the confiscation of assets as possible.
“The fight against corruption is a wide range of activities undertaken by prosecutors and police agencies that work at the behest of prosecutors to collect data, and the courts that ultimately decide on the measures and outcomes of those criminal proceedings,” he said.
He points out that it is very important to maintain a higher degree of correlation between the aforementioned institutions so that their results would be exceptional and ultimately they would receive final judgments related to the permanent confiscation of illegally acquired property.
Finally, he reminded that the fight against corruption is one of the conditions for Bosnia and Herzegovina’s accession to the European Union.
“I personally believe that there are already built capacities related to the conditions for the fight against corruption. We just need to strengthen them,” he believes.
The training of judges and prosecutors on the topic “Challenges in the application of the Law on Confiscation of Illegally Acquired Property in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina” is taking place in Neum, organized by the FBiH Agency for the Management of Confiscated Property, and in cooperation with the Center for the Education of Judges and Prosecutors of the FBiH (CEST) and the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC).