Ljesar: Air Montenegro’s profit amounts to €2.7 million

The management of Air Montenegro, as announced by the former Chairman of the Board of Directors, Pavle Ljesar, is leaving the company with a positive balance of €9 million in accounts and a net profit of €2.7 million.

He said that, with only 125 employees, Air Montenegro had carried 450,000 passengers this year and achieved a positive result of €5 million, marking the first positive financial performance in Montenegrin aviation in the previous 15 years.

On Thursday, the Government dismissed members of the Civil Aviation Agency Council and the Board of Directors of the national airline To Montenegro, which was followed by public calls for the election of new members.

Ljesar stated that it had been an honour for him to be part of the Board of Directors of the national airline carrier since its establishment three years earlier.

“I took part in the establishment and successful launch of flights for the national airline within a very short period of just three months, during the COVID pandemic and an unprecedented global crisis,” stated Ljessar.

He added that the airline had achieved the best possible results considering the available capacities and owning just two aircraft.

Ljesar believes that the success is a result of an economical management approach, an optimal business model, and the collective efforts of all operational and expert teams.