Croatian citizens plan to take winter vacation, spend more than last year

Sixty-nine percent of Croatian citizens plan to take a winter vacation, mostly abroad and to go skiing, spending there one week on average and spending more money than last year, show the findings of a survey conducted by the MojPosao job-seeking website.

The survey, which covered 400 respondents over 16, shows that 53% plan to take more than one vacation this winter.

Winter vacations are shorter than summer vacations but cost more, the researchers note, adding that 43% of respondents plan to spend more for the winter than the summer vacation, while 29% plan to spend the same and 28%В less, mainly those taking shorter trips and more often travelling within Croatia.

Eighty-three percent of respondents said they would take a winter vacation and 17% said they would travel to warmer climates.

Thirty-three percent said their winter vacation would last a week, 27% said they planned to spend two to three days  on holiday and 28% four to five.

Only 10% said they would spend their winter vacation in Croatia. MojPosao estimates that is due to the small number of skiing slopes. Most will therefore go skiing in Austria, Italy, Slovenia, France, and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

One in five respondents said they planned to spend over €2,000 on their winter vacation, while one in two of those vacationing in Croatia will spend up to €500.

Considering the winter holiday prices, it is no surprise that 82% of respondents will pay for the holiday from their savings and not the salary paid for the month in which they will take the vacation, MojPosao says, adding that only 1% of respondents take a loan to pay for the vacation and only 8% pay for it in instalments.

Sixty-six percent of those who don’t take a winter vacation can’t afford it, 26% are not interested in winter vacations and 12% don’t have annual leave days to take one.