Kurti: Over 5 million euros of weaponry in the north

The Prime Minister, at the same time the Vetëvendosje chairman, Albin Kurti, addressed his party members at the meeting of the General Council that was held today (September 30) in Prishtina. In front of those present, he said that they found weaponry worth over 5 million euros while he repeated the request that the terrorists who fled Kosovo be extradited to face justice.

The head of the executive stated that it is clear that all logistical support, in armaments and training, was from Serbia.

Kurti, thanking the citizens of Banjska for their calmness, emphasized that during the police operation no civilian was hurt or injured.

For the Serbian state, he requested that those who escaped through the mountains to be extradited to Kosovo, and he requested from the internationals, that the two northern organizations “Civil Defense” and “Northern Brigade” be declared terrorists.

Speaking of protecting the border, Kurti said that there is a commitment that the Kosovo Security Force will not go there, therefore they demand that this vacuum be covered by NATO forces.

Kurti said that we will respond to hatred, crime and terror against Kosovo, the Albanians, the Republic, and the citizens with the force of the law and the justice of the state.