Laying foundations of new Theater in central Tirana

The works for laying the foundations of the new Theater in the capital is going ahead at a good pace.

Heavy machinery is at the construction site of the new theatre which is conceived as the cultural heart of Tirana and all of Albania. The project of the world-famous architect Bjarke Ingels offers a building with a modern design, which creates a unique space in the city of Tirana, offering all the necessary and inspiring conditions for the theater, but also for the public.

The new Theater will have special spaces for performances and actors. It will have a theater stage of 630 square meters and two Black Box halls of 200 square meters each.

For the artists, there will also be a space of 200 square meters which will be used as a changing room, another rehearsal room of 200 square meters, toilets and showers, as well as a green room.

To serve various artistic performances, there will be a room for musical instruments, a warehouse for stage materials, a warehouse for decorations, a technical hall, etc. Also, there will be a lecture hall and all facilities for the audience.