Kurti for KosovaPress: The EU should remove the measures as soon as possible

The most appropriate way to announce early elections in the four municipalities in the north is the petition, says Prime Minister Albin Kurti. He told KosovaPress that only when 20 percent of the electorate express their will to terminate the mandate of the current mayors, evidence is given that there can be no boycott of participation in the elections, whether in voting or candidacy.

On the other hand, the head of government says that the de-escalation of the situation in the north has largely taken place, while he asks the European Union to remove the punitive measures as soon as possible and to improve its attitude towards Kosovo.

Kurti told KosovaPress that they are working to fix technical and administrative issues as soon as possible, so that new elections can be held in the north.

He adds that Kosovo is interested in complete de-escalation of the situation in the north, but according to him, they should be careful of the possibility of re-escalation of the situation there.

Speaking about the European Union’s punitive measures against Kosovo, Prime Minister Kurti says that they are not fair and should be removed as soon as possible.

“As for the measures that have been taken against us, we consider that they are unfair. They are part of the asymmetry in the reports and the sooner they end the better. We are doing everything we can and know, but it would be necessary for our European partners and allies to improve their attitude towards Kosovo as soon as possible. After all, a democratic and progressive Republic like Kosovo deserves to be helped with everything they can, and not to have punitive measures”, he says.

On the other hand, Kurti also welcomes the letter of the European and American legislators, which calls for greater support for Kosovo and a tougher approach to Serbia.