Porto Palermo Festival, dedicated to preserving environment

This year, Porto Palermo Festival teamed up with organizations dedicated to the preservation of the environment to mark the beginning of its third edition.

This festival aims not only to bring together the best artists to perform on its authentic stage, but also to promote sustainable cultural tourism in Albania.

During the first two editions, 2021 and 2022, the focus was on the revitalization of this tourist spot and the port area.

The festival begins its journey on Sunday in the follow-up to the action of cleaning up the sea and refurbishing the space around the fortress, confident of creating awareness among tourists and visitors and educating the youth to work towards lasting impact.

The Porto Palermo Festival, as in other previous editions, will fill the historical fortress of Ali Pasha, at weekends throughout 1 month. Located on a small island in the Gulf of Porto Palermo, this cultural gem is a mixture of tradition, history, sea and stunning setting.

It is there that the renowned violinist Olen Cesari will gather a group of extraordinary artists, who will bring the castle to life every weekend, blending modernism with Albanian heritage.