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Kamenica Tumulus, summer archaeological destination

Kamenica Tumulus, about 15 km from Korça, is one of the most important archaeological sites in the Balkans.

With the opening of the tourist season, Kamenica Tumulus has turned into a welcoming destination for foreign visitors, who have visited Korça and its main spots, part of the cultural heritage of the city.

The National Institute of Cultural Heritage said that, “In this prehistoric burial site there have been found graves, bone skeletons, archaeological objects such as ceramics, weapons, bronze ornaments, iron, silver, gold, amber and bones “.

Kamenica Tumulus is a cultural monument of the archaeological type where there have been discovered about 425 skeletons and 3600 objects. This tomb is the largest found not only in Albania, but also in the Balkans. The diversity of prehistoric objects consists the inalienable wealth of history showing life and continuity.

Its earliest graves date back to the Late Bronze Age around the 12th century BC.

This ancient grave stopped functioning around the middle of the 6th century BC, so it has a history of almost 700 years