“Inguinal hernia” and “appendicitis” are the most frequent operations in children

Over a thousand patients were operated at the Children’s Surgery Clinic of the University Clinical Center of Kosovo (UCCK), until November 2023. The most frequent operations at this clinic were those of “inguinal hernia” and “appendicitis”. Meanwhile, in the Children’s Surgery Clinic, about 50 children are operated on during the week, or up to 8 patients on a daily basis.

In an interview for KosovaPress, the pediatrician at the Children’s Surgery Clinic, Dëfrim Kocinaj, said that in the eleventh month of 2023, 736 planned operations and 352 other emergency operations were performed.

Kocinaj added that this clinic has increased interventions in minimally invasive surgery and in endourology, compared to last year.

Among other things, Kocinaj emphasized that there are rare cases when any surgical intervention is not performed in this clinic and it is necessary for the child to be treated abroad.

The children’s surgeon, Dëfrim Kocinaj, said that there is a lack of staff in this clinic, mainly anesthesiologists and nurses. He added that the 24-hour emergency service needs a new project.

Among other things, Kocinaj emphasized that the Children’s Surgery Clinic is waiting for the equipment with the vertical gastroscope and colonoscope, for the examination of the digestive tract.