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International Waterbird Census, significant to document wetlands

The International Waterbird Census (IWC) is an international programme which also takes place in Albania.

Prime Minister Edi Rama shared today in the social media moments from the International Waterbird Census activity.

“The National Agency of Protected Areas, but also dozens of experts, volunteers and people passionate about nature and biodiversity are on the ground to document the wetland sites”, wrote Rama.

The census is being conducted in 33 sites across the country.

About 143 countries from around the world operate this very important programme, as different waterbird populations require different monitoring schemes.

The International Waterbird Census includes all types of natural and man-made wetlands, as well as all bird species found in these habitats.

Albania has joined the International Waterbird Census since 1993, where initially this census took place in the coastal habitats and the Lake of Shkodra. At the international level, the census has started since 1967.