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Inflation falls in 3.8 % in October

The inflation has continued to record a falling trend and hit in October the lowest level since the beginning of the Russian War in Ukraine.

According to the Institute of Statistics, inflation in October 2023 is 3.8 %, a year before was 8.3 %.

However, the prices of the food group still remain high.

If compared to October 2022, prices increased in “Food and non-alcoholic beverage” group by 7.4 %.

Within the food group, the prices of “vegetables” subgroup increased by 23.4 %, followed by “milk, cheese and eggs” by 8.4 %, “meat” by 7.9 %, “fruits” by 6.1 %, “fish” by 4.5 %, “sugar, jam, honey, chocolates and sweets” by 4.0 % and “bread and cereals” by 1.2 %.