In Bosnia and Herzegovina, economic crime is unsanctioned in 85 percent of court processes

In Bosnia and Herzegovina, in 85 percent of court processes, economic crime is unsanctioned, it was pointed out in Sarajevo at the conference “Forensic accounting in Bosnia and Herzegovina – yesterday, today, tomorrow”.

The manager of the project “Building the capacity of forensic accounting in Bosnia and Herzegovina” Professor Dr. Meliha Bašić stated that their goal is to train and certify everyone who works on processing cases of fraud and corruption in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

“The Center for Forensic Accounting should educate and promote this profession so that cases of economic crime end with the imposition of a sentence,” said Bašić.

She added that a particular problem is that the profession of forensic accountant is not yet recognized in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, unlike in the RS, and that the task before us is to harmonize it at the state level.

The FBiH Tax Investigative Inspector Senad Hasanspahić emphasized that the importance of forensic accountants in complex investigations of economic crime cases is great, especially in this time when the perpetrators of these crimes are quite sophisticated.

He stated that the investigative authorities are still lagging behind the perpetrators and that expert trainings in the field of forensic accounting must be implemented in Bosnia and Herzegovina.