In 2025, it is planned to organize the European Billiards in Kosovo

Although not very popular in Kosovo as a sport, the leaders of the Kosovo Billiards Federation have big goals.

Organizing the European Championship in Kosovo in 2025 is their main goal.

The president of this federation, Veton Dyla, told KosovaPress that in addition to the state championship held every year in billiards, two more leagues will be created very soon.


“For 10 years now, the state championship has been held in which seven or eight competitions are held with points where the players are appointed after the end of the year; the year ends and the best players are appointed, from seniors and juniors. Soon we will have the women’s league and we will also have the league of veterans who are 45 plus and 55 plus”, said Dyla first.

Dyla adds that the interest in playing this sport is growing year by year, but the participation of Kosovar competitors in championships abroad is proving to be difficult due to the lack of financial support.

“The interest is growing every year more and more. But it is a problem that the players need support, automatically the support comes from the club, the club connects the player with the federation, while the federation connects him with the Ministry of Sports and the Olympic Committee of Kosovo. Unfortunately, billiards is not listed as an Olympic sport for them, and it is losing a lot of points to have a slightly more grateful budget with which we can cover the expenses of the competitors who are better suited to represent us in the Balkan and international competitions, but hopefully some things will change and as you can see there are signs that some things will change”, Dyla emphasized.

With the games shown so far, Dyla emphasized that Kosovar competitors have already become important factors in international competitions, especially after 2020.

In 2025, Dyla reveals that this federation intends to win the right to organize the European Billiards Championship in Kosovo.

For the organization of international and local competitions at higher levels, he says that they need the construction of a large hall to carry out their training and activities.

In the Balkan billiards championship, Kosovo took third place with Faton Bajgora, fifth place with Bedri Sijarina and sixth place with Valon Gashi.