Konaković: I hope forum participants are going to Brussels with the desire to agree on something

The BiH Minister of Foreign Affairs Elmedin Konaković expressed hope that the participants of tomorrow’s second high-level political forum between the European Union and BiH are leaving for Brussels with the desire to agree on something.

“If that is the case, I have no doubt that we will make additional moves that would tip the balance in favor of BiH and the formal opening of negotiations on membership in the European Union as soon as possible,” Konaković told FENA before leaving for Brussels.

However, if they are not going to Brussels to reach an agreement, then, of course, we can expect some new political charade that does nothing good for anyone, Konaković believes.

“We are ready for concrete solutions and I hope we will be on that track,” he says.

According to him, the opposition has so far generally not shown even the slightest desire for Bosnia and Herzegovina to move towards the European Union.

“They criticized everything we did, condemned all the laws and acts we passed, and of course the European Commission made it clear to them that they were wrong and verified all the laws we adopted as progress and recorded the greatest progress in the history of BiH so far,” he said, adding that they are a “destructive opposition”.

“I don’t expect them to do anything good, and this includes the opposition in the Republika Srpska, which looks lost even though it has European narratives, but they are more concerned with the Troika and some of our moves than they have so far proposed any concrete document that would help us with European integration,” says Konaković.

He concludes that, above all, he expects the ruling coalition to return to where it was.

Although we may be gaining some points in the public eye because of the misunderstandings we have, I am happier and more satisfied when we lose political points and BiH progresses. It would be good to make that extra effort because we have done more than anyone so far. So, let’s return from Brussels and agree on some laws about which we do not have different views and bring the issues of Frontex and the state IPA coordinator to an end,” said Konaković.

This, he is convinced by the mood of the people within the European Union, would “seal the decision when it comes to the opening of negotiations”.

It was previously announced that the chairwoman of the Council of Ministers of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Borjana Krišto, will lead a delegation of officials from Bosnia and Herzegovina, including the leaders of the five ruling parties in the country, whose parties make up the majority, with the entity and cantonal prime ministers, while on the other hand, they will be welcomed by the European Commissioner for Neighbourhood and Enlargement Olivér Várhelyi.