Helez and Turkish Defense Minister agree on specific programs to help BiH Armed Forces

SARAJEVO, July 27 (FENA) – Deputy Chair of the Council of Ministers and Minister of Defense of Bosnia and Herzegovina Zukan Helez opened new fields of cooperation in bilateral relations between Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Republic of Turkey with his visit to the Republic of Turkey, announced the Ministry of Defense of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

As stated on the occasion, Minister Helez’s stay in the Republic of Turkey received considerable publicity in the Turkish media, and the bilateral meeting with his Turkish colleague Güler was especially reported.

“As a result of the discussion with the Turkish Minister of Defense, specific assistance programs for the Armed Forces of Bosnia and Herzegovina were agreed upon, which include the creation of assumptions for the full operability of armored vehicles in use in the Armed Forces of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the training of helicopter pilots and flight instructors, as well as a greater number of positions for the education of our cadets at military academies in the Republic of Turkey,” it is stated.

Significantly, the number of places for helicopter pilots and flight instructors will be increased for the needs of our armed forces because we have had a kind of deficit in this segment for many years.

When it comes to the NATO support package for strengthening the defense and security capacities of our country (DCBI), which was adopted at last year’s NATO summit in Madrid, and whose value is around 50 million euros, the Republic of Turkey will be involved in this project through securing the necessary funds for equipping our declared unit – (Battalion Combat Group of Light Infantry OSBiH), which will ensure the complete combat equipment of this unit.

Minister Güler accepted the invitation of Minister Helez to visit the Ministry of Defense and the Armed Forces of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and as the host returned the invitation to Minister Helez for a return visit and as a special guest to attend one of the largest exercises of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Turkey “EFES 2024”, which will be held next year, announced the Press Service of the BiH Ministry of Defense.

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