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Griffon Vulture Chick Hatches in Sinite Kamani Nature Park of Sliven

A griffon vulture chick hatched in the Sinite Kamani (The Blue Stones) Nature Park of Sliven, the Park Directorate reported on Wednesday.

In vultures, both parents play important role in the rearing of the nestling. Nature Park staff are providing the vulture pair with sufficient amounts of safe food to ensure the chick is successfully fed.

Record numbers of vultures were reported in May in the Sinite Kamani Nature Park. The park’s team, the Green Balkans Association and the Fund for Wild Flora and Fauna have been working systematically for years to return the vultures, which has led to the recovery of the griffon vulture population in the eastern section of the Balkan Range, and specifically in the Sinite Kamani Nature Park.

About 35 years ago griffon vultures were at the edge of their survival in Bulgaria. They were an endangered species in the country. At that time their population was less than 10 pairs. In 2020 a total of 106 pairs of griffon vultures were recorded along the Arda River Valley in the eastern Rhodope Mountains.