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Tirana, first Albanian municipality to open Free Economic Zone, Veliaj: TEDA will offer 5-7 thousand jobs

TIRANA, April 18 /ATA/ The Municipality of Tirana and the Ministry of Economy, Culture and Innovation signed the cooperation agreement for the Technology and Economic Development Zone (TEDA Tirana), which is located between Kashari and Vaqarri. This space is another development of strategic importance for all foreign businesses that want to invest in Tirana, mainly in the field of information technology, vehicle production and tourism. Not only does the agreement pave the way for infrastructure construction, but it also paves the way to the first calls for businesses that want to apply to become part of the economic zone.

Mayor Erion Veliaj underlined that Tirana is the first municipality to create a free economic zone, setting the model for many other municipalities to follow.

Veliaj assured that TEDA will generate about 7 thousand new jobs related to new technologies. “Today, we compete with Skopje, Northern Greece, Southern Serbia and Montenegro. In this sense, we will have to show why Tirana is the best and why Tirana is the place where we should invest”, emphasized Veliaj.

On his part, Minister of Economy, Culture and Innovation Blendi Gonxhja underlined that this area represents a strategic initiative, which should serve as a catalyst for innovation, investments and sustainable development.

Through TEDA Tirana, the government and the municipality of Tirana have created a station, where an international company only needs to present itself to the implementing body, to become part of it./