Greeks spent less in 2023 but turned to more online purchases

A significant change was observed in the consumer behavior of Greek e-shoppers during 2023 compared to 2022, within the framework of the annual Fashion (Re) search review by the European fashion search platform GLAMI. The results of the research emerged from the responses of 4,246 Greek consumers online, regarding their shopping habits.

In more detail, the majority (46.8%) of participants spent € 50 to € 100 monthly on online fashion purchases in 2023. A total of 65.9% spent less money on clothing and shoes compared to 2022, while 45.5% said that prices had increased significantly.

The lower online prices were the key incentive for 69.8% of Greek e-shoppers to continue making online purchases over physical stores, a behavior also observed in 8 other European countries where GLAMI operates and which participated in the research (Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania, Hungary, Bulgaria, Italy, Croatia, and Slovenia).

In 2023, Greek consumers made significantly fewer purchases, with 56.5% opting for only the “essential” items or buying products exclusively on sale (41.1%). A smaller percentage, 20.7%, chose to purchase fewer premium products or even turn to secondhand products (4.6%).