Over 90% of all farms in Romania are family businesses

Approximately 730,000 farms in Romania are family businesses, representing more than 90% of the total of over 800,000 farms, Nicu Vasile, the president of the League of Associations of Agricultural Producers in Romania (LAPAR) said on Tuesday.

“Since I came within these professional associations, I mean the LAPAR federation, I have seen many failures. Many addresses regarding the closure of family farms. (…) When I discuss an entity, a commercial company, I must refer to the macroeconomics of the respective country. Romania’s policy does not allow more than to do a spot type business, for a very short period of time,” mentioned Nicu Vasile, at the event “The Future of Family Businesses in Romania”, organized by the publication Club Antreprenor.

He pointed out that, at the national level, about 245,000 family farms are bankrupt because of “the policy we do at the European level, but also the distribution policy we have at the national level”.

According to him, a business plan cannot be made for a period longer than two years because of the very small profit that is obtained.