Greece, Bulgaria, Romania sign letter of intent to extend NATO pipelines network

Greek National Defence Minister Nikos Dendias co-signed the ‘Letter of Intent for the extension of NATO’s Fuel Pipelines Network towards the Alliance’s East Flank’ on the sidelines of a NATO defence ministers’ meeting in Brussels on Wednesday.

Posting about it on X, Dendias mentioned that he signed it with Bulgarian Minister of Defence Todor Tagarev and Romanian Deputy Minister of Defence Simona Cojocaru.

Elaborating, the Greek minister said that Greece’s “footprint as an energy hub is enhanced and the role of the port of Alexandroupolis is further upgraded.” The signing of the letter of intent follows the trilateral meeting of the prime ministers of Greece, Bulgaria and Romania in Varna on October 9.

This initiative serves Greek interests, as it promotes the use of infrastructures in Greek territory and their interconnection with both Bulgaria and Romania. At the same time, expanding the Greek pipeline system and its interconnection with the other two allied countries in NATO’s East Flank sends a message of strong political will for the cooperation of the three countries within NATO’s framework.

Additionally, the initiative strengthens the resilience of the fuel supply infrastructure in NATO’s East Flank. The routing of the expansion of the network of pipelines within Greek territory (Chalkero – Alexandroupolis) and its interconnection will strengthen Greece’s footprint within the Alliance’s core task of deterrence & defense.