Grants are allocated to 34 young people from the self-employment program

34 grants worth up to three thousand euros have been allocated to the beneficiaries of the self-employment program. This program is implemented by the Employment Agency of Kosovo in cooperation with GIZ. In addition to financial support for individual grants, mentoring will also be provided for the first months of the business. At the ceremony for the distribution of these grants, it was said that business ideas aimed at economic development and social inclusion have been supported.

The Minister of Finance, Hekuran Murati, stated that more than 150 people have applied for this program.

“Initially, 175 young men and women were trained in entrepreneurship and business plan development, and then 34 of these plans were selected as the best by the relevant commissions. And now those business plans will be implemented through financial support. Among these plans there are also those that offer new products or services, use innovative technologies, use renewable energy sources, each of which also opens new jobs”, he said.

David Oberhuber, director of GIZ Kosova, said that the main idea is to develop an active labor market.

“We had 170 applicants at the beginning and now we have 34 beneficiaries and what has been important for us is that now in this pilot scheme, the ministry pays the grants, we only offer advisory services in the medium term. And as far as I understand in the third phase of the scheme we will take over it completely financially”, he said.

At the ceremony for the distribution of these grants, the director of the Kosovo Employment Agency, Jehona Rexha, indicated that young people who aimed for economic development were supported.

This program was announced on September 29 and was open until October 31, 2023.