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Goran Stefanovski’s ‘Wild Flesh’ performed in Tirana

Skopje, 7 May 2024 (MIA) – The Albanian Theater – Skopje, at the invitation of the Cultural Information Center of the Republic of North Macedonia, performed in Tirana Goran Stefanovski’s “Wild Flesh” directed by Martin Kochovski.

“The spirit of Goran Stefanovski in his text, his modernity and actuality was really experienced by the audience in Tirana’s ArTurbina theater, thanks to the masterful play by the actors from the Albanian Theater – Skopje, the scenes lined up like in a film. The audience had the impression that the events of the play took place today in Tirana. For an hour and a half, the audience was immersed in every word of the text and the acting of our actors, with great attention and in complete silence, rewarding them in the end with a huge and long applause,” said the Cultural Information Center.

Director of the Cultural Information Center Zlatko Origjanski notes that Stefanovski’s “Wild Flesh” was written and performed back in 1979. Goran Stefanovski said about his play: “When I wrote the play “Wild Flesh” I thought that it refers to the past. Now I see that it referred to the future.”

“After the performance of the play, our actors, together with their colleagues from the Tirana theatres, visited the Macedonian Cultural Information Center, where they discussed the play and Goran Stefanovski’s text until late in the night,” Origjanski said.

The Cultural Information Center in Tirana continues its activities on May 10 and 12. Sethstat – PMG Jazz and the newly formed big band, National Jazz Orchestra from Skopje, will be performing at the Tirana Jazz Festival.