DUI-nominated ministers submit resignations, effective once VMRO-DPMNE votes for constitutional amendments

Skopje, 30 July 2023 (MIA) – Government ministers coming from DUI have submitted their resignations, which will become effective after VMRO-DPMNE votes for the constitutional amendments.

“The ministers and government officials from the order of the Democratic Union for Integration have resigned from their current posts. The resignations, Mr.Prime Minister, are automatically effective from the moment when the opposition votes for the constitutional amendments,” DUI leader Ali Ahmeti wrote in a Facebook post.

Foreign Minister and DUI vice-president Bujar Osmani announced the decision at a press conference on Saturday.

“We accepted all their demands. They wanted DUI to leave the government and our position is clear: the decision will be activated on the day VMRO-DPMNE votes in favor of the changes. We can even sign it today and it can enter into force on the day of the vote,” said Osmani.

Earlier in the week, First Deputy PM Artan Grubi also said they are prepared to leave the Government once VMRO-DPMNE votes for the constitutional amendments.

Asked if DUI was prepared to leave the Government, he said they are even prepared to give up on the first ethnic Albanian PM and the so-called ‘Przhino government’.

“We give up on all of this and have early elections right after the vote on the constitutional elections, or have regular elections. Once the constitutional amendments are adopted, DUI will leave the government and let them govern until the end of the term,” Grubi told Kanal 5.

One of the opposition’s demands at the leaders’ meeting in early June was the formation of a DUI-less government