Goganović and Todorov discuss development of bilateral military cooperation between BiH and Bulgaria

SARAJEVO, February 14 (FENA) – The Deputy Minister of Defense of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Aleksandar Goganović, today received the military attaché of the Republic of Bulgaria in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Colonel Georgi Ivanov Todorov, on an inaugural visit.

The interlocutors discussed the bilateral military cooperation between Bosnia and Herzegovina and Bulgaria and the possibilities of expanding that cooperation.

Both sides noted that BiH and Bulgaria have good and friendly relations and that any cooperation between the armed forces of both countries is very much welcome.

Colonel Todorov pointed out that Bulgaria is ready to participate in the NATO Defense Capacity Building (DCB) program for Bosnia and Herzegovina, especially in the field of assistance in the development of military police and medical evacuation capabilities by air.

He offered training and education services to members of the Armed Forces of Bosnia and Herzegovina at the Bulgarian Military Medical Academy, as well as the Center of Excellence for Crisis Management and Response to Natural Disasters.

Colonel Todorov pointed out that Bulgaria fully supports Bosnia and Herzegovina on the path of Euro-Atlantic integration, and emphasized his country’s readiness to provide any assistance to that end.

Deputy Minister Goganović stated that Bulgaria’s offer is more than welcome and that the best methods of carrying out projects will be found together for mutual benefit.

He especially emphasized that cooperation with the Republic of Bulgaria is important for regional stability and that the stability of the whole of Europe depends on the stability of our region.

Goganović underlined that Bosnia and Herzegovina will always be advocating for peace in the context of turbulent international circumstances.