Glina holds ceremonies to mark its liberation in Operation Storm

ZAGREB, 8 Aug (Hina) – The City of Glina on Tuesday held ceremonies in tribute to the victims of the armed rebellion of Serb insurgents and paramilitaries and in memory of the 28th anniversary of the liberation of the city at the end of Operation Storm conducted in early August 1995.
The Monument to the Homeland, made by sculptor Ivan Kujundžić, was today unveiled outside the police station which had been attacked in June 1991 by Serb insurgents who had killed police officer Tomislav Rom and captured several defenders in that assault at the beginning of the Homeland War.
Glina also today remembered the completion of the military and police Storm Operation when this city was taken from the local insurgents.
Twenty eight years ago in Gornji Viduševac near Glina, the 21st Krajina Corps of the Serb rebel and militia forces led by Čedomir Bulat admitted their defeat and Bulat signed a document confirming the surrender of his forces, including 5,000 troops, plus 13 tanks, 15 artillery cannons and vehicles to Croatian General Petar Stipetić.
That event on 8 August 1995 marked the completion of the liberating Operation Storm.
Glina, the Croatian town 60 kilometres south of the capital city, had been under control of Serb rebels from 1991 until Croatia’s police and army forces entered the town on 8 August 1995.
Operation Storm was launched at 5am on 4 August 1995, and within the next 84 hours 10,400 square kilometres or 18.4 per cent of Croatia’s territory was liberated.
Some of the liberated towns in this operation were Knin, Gračac, Obrovac, Korenica, Slunj, Plitvice, Sveti Rok, Benkovac, Kijevo, Vrlika, Dubica, Glina and Petrinja.
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